Canyon’s Obsession

Canyon ABSOLUTELY LOVES toys, especially balls.

He’ll do anything to get a toy.

If Canyon sees anything on a walk that resembles a toy, he’ll pull towards it and won’t give up until he gets the okay to go over and check it out – he actually found his red Planet Dog ball, this way.

If another dog or human is playing with a toy, Canyon has to get it. He can’t just ignore it, he must figure out a way of getting it for himself. This is part of why the girls (Cessna & Aspen) refuse to play with him, I think. And why, I cannot have any of my many stuffed animals laid out in plain sight.

When we come home, Canyon will always greet us at the door with some sort of toy in his mouth. If there are no toys available, he’ll grab a couch pillow or sock.

Canyon loves the game fetch.

He’ll continually bring a toy over to you, trying to entice you to play with him. He’ll touch you lightly on the hand with the toy, and if you move, he’ll move it away quickly, hoping you’ll come with him to the door. If you don’t pay attention, he’ll start to pace, until you either take it away and put it out of sight, or give in and play.

If Canyon leaves one of his toys outside, or one of the other dogs leaves one, he’ll stare out the window or pace by the door until someone lets him out to get it. We’ve tried ignoring him, but he won’t stop until the toy is safely back inside.

Canyon’s toy drive is so extreme, that we actually won’t allow the other dogs to play fetch at the same time. When someone throws the toy, Canyon just gets so focused on getting it first, that he doesn’t watch where he’s running, or who is running with him.

He’s sent Cessna flying, when he collided with her back end.

He’s injured Rogue, running over her when she stopped in front of him.

And, worse of all, he gave Aspen a concussion, when he collided with her head.

I know we should be trying to curb his toy drive, but it’s also something that makes Canyon who he is and therefore, we just accepted it as one of the many Canyonisms.


  1. Oh no! Poor Aspen. LOL
    Well, at least you have a strong reward you can use when training him. 🙂

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