Test Scores

*** this entry has been revised, after learning that I had misread the scores of “Coal” ***.

This evening, we got the results for the puppy aptitude test from Karen, of Red Labrador Retrievers.

Four of the seven puppies, scored mostly 3’s, with “Coal” and “Pinkie” scoring highest of the four.

“Pinkie” scored all 3’s, except in the restraint test, where she received a 4 (struggled, then settled).

“Coal” received all 3’s, except in the touch sensitivity test (tester locates the webbing on one of the puppy’s front paws and gently applies pressure. Pressure is gradually increased as the tester counts to 10 and releases when the puppy shows discomfort), where he received a 1 (8-10 count before response).

I originally wanted a female, so we may go with “Pinkie”, but I will keep an open mind though and make my final decision on pick-up day – just over a week to go!!


  1. go with Pinkie. Do NOT go with any dog as a guide/service dog prospect who is reactive and sensitive to sound. Guide/service dogs need to be rock solid with noises like cars backfiring, fireworks, thunder, fire engines, etc.

  2. So excited for you and the new puppy! Good luck on making your choice.

  3. Hi Katrin, I totally agree with your assessment. I ended up re-reading the test scores with Huib helping me and we realized that I had made a mistake and “Coal” collar puppy scored a 1 in the touch sensitivity and not in the sound one.

    This changes things, but I still think we will wait until pick-up day to make a true decision 🙂

  4. You would still probably want to go with Pink. Ideally you want a puppy who’s scores are all around the same # with no extreme outliers. Coal has outliers. You also want a pup with a morderately high tolerance to pain, not exremely high but not extremely low either, around mid-road. Service dogs get stepped on by the general public, chair legs get put on chairs accidentally, they have to walk on funny feeling things metal grating and such. They can’t have an extreme sensitivity to pain/touch.

  5. Hi Katrin,
    I would have thought Coal might have been slightly better suited given his ability to withstand pressure for a long period of time?

    I haven’t made my decision yet since we thought it would be best to meet both puppies before saying yes or no to one or the other.

  6. Sorry I had the scoring backwards, I just went and looked it up again. 1 in touch sensitivty means they have a very high pain tolerance, I had it backwards and thought it meant they had a very low. So yes in that case for me it would potentially put Coal back on the list. Sorry for the confusion

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