Monday Is For Music – Seven Nation Army

This selection is for my buddy, caleb. I also like the song, but was actually going to forgo an entry this week, but he was really looking forward to one.

Here’s the music video.

“Seven Nation Army” was released in March of 2003, as a part of White Stripe’ album “Elephant”. The song stayed at number one on the Modern Rock Tracks list for three weeks and then went on to earn White Stripes a Grammy in 2004.

According to Wikipedia (2011), Jack White used to think the Salvation Army was called the Seven Nation Army. This explains where the title came from, but does not really explain the meaning behind the lyrics.

Through doing some simple Google searches, I was able to find three different meanings for the lyrics. Some fans believe Jack is writing about his feelings surrounding his celebrity status. They feel he is getting tired of the prying eyes and just wants to leave it all behind. Others think he is writing about war and revenge. Then others feel the song has a religious undertone

“Seven Nation Army” has been used in many different ways. For example, the Italians used it when they won the World Cup in 2006. But, most notably, the song was featured in the broadcast of “Democracy Now”, where it was linked to the pro-democracy demonstrations in Egypt. The opening line of the song “I’m going to fight them off. A seven-nation army can’t hold me back” is a great illustration of what the world witnessed in Egypt – nothing was going to hold the people back.

Here’s a few links to show what happened in Egypt –

Middle East & North Africa In Turmoil
Thousands of striking workers join Egyptian uprising
Timeline, Egypt’s Revolution

Then, we’ve got the uprisings in Syria and Yemen.

If anyone has suggestions on other songs that could be featured in a “Monday Is For Music” post, please leave the title and artist in the comments section.

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