Thirty Seven Days Old

We finally received a copy of the aptitude test Red Labrador Retrievers does with the puppies. The Animal Behaviourist they have perform the testing uses Wendy Volhard’s Puppy Aptitude Test and then an assessment of the puppy’s structure is completed.

The test will be done on June 1st, when the puppies are 7 weeks (or 49 days) old. We will hopefully find out the results shortly after that. As long as one of the females scores mostly 3’s, we’ll pick up our new family member around 9:00am, Friday, June 10th!!

I just looked at the Red Labrador Retrievers’ Facebook group and it looks as though Karen still has not had a chance to post updated pictures of the litter, but has uploaded a video. I’m still not sure how to post it here, but as usual, you’re welcome to go check it out!

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