Monday Is for Music – Manic Monday

Everyone seems to be giving various days of the week themes, so I thought I’d do a music one for Mondays. And, what better song to kick us off, than “Manic Monday” by the Bangles.

I’ll first do a little description surrounding the background of the song and then give readers a link to the lyrics, before moving on to relating it to what’s going on around the world or in my life – where applicable.

“Manic Monday” was written by Prince under the alias Christopher, from a character he played in the movie “Under The Cherry Moon”. He had originally written it in 1984 for the band apollonia 6, but in 1986 offered it to The Bangles. The song describes a woman who has woken up on Monday, wishing it were still Sunday which she calls her “I-don’t-have-to-run-day” (Wikipedia, 2011).

Click here for the music video.

This link, will take you to a blog where cell phones are discussed. Over the past decade, cell phones have become even more important to our survival. We keep in touch with family and friends via text messages. We check our e-mail almost obsessively. We receive alerts when something important or tragic has occurred somewhere in the world. Rarely do we ever leave home without it.

Gone are the days when people knew how to have a true conversation. Or the mornings when we could listen to the birds chirp while we drank our coffee and read the paper.

Nowadays, we’re just too busy.

This link, Looks at the other side of the social media argument. The author looks at how things such as the internet and cell phones have not limited the way we interact with others, but rather created new avenues to do so. He believes that similar to how people first looked at the television and telephone as intrusions and later as just part of our everyday lives, Twitter, Facebook and cell phones will also be viewed the same way.

I agree with his views, but am not so sure people will be as able to follow his advice. In this new age of fast paced society, I’m not sure it’s as easy to just hit the off button and shut yourself off from the world. There’s always going to be something pulling you back, whether it be family concerns, work obligations or just the desire to know what’s happening.

Even though “Manic Monday” was written over twenty-five years ago, it seems to reflect the thoughts of people today. With the constant evolution of technology and ways of interacting, it seems those days of I-don’t-have-to-run-day” are gone forever.


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