Monday Is For Music – Crazy

Last week I started a blog theme by assigning Mondays as the day I’ll discuss a song and relate it to what’s happening in the world or in my life as it fits.

Today’s song is “Crazy” by Simple Plan. This song is the fourth and final single from the 2004 album “Still Not Getting Any”. True to their focus in other songs, “Crazy” discusses today’s society and the problems and issues we’re facing. This particular single did not reach the U.s. Billboard Hot 100, but the video received acclaim on MTV and climbed to number four in Canada (Wikipedia, 2011).

Click here for the music video.

This article, does an awesome job at pointing out the issues surrounding the ways media portrays women and beauty. The author also discusses the fact that it’s impossible for women to look like Barbie because our backs cannot support such a structure and our organs wouldn’t even fit properly into her body. I don’t really need to expand on why I chose this article for “Crazy” but the song itself starts out with a description of how terrible it is to have women and girls feeling as though they must meet this ideal body image.

Ever since a young age, I’ve always seen myself as unattractive. I wanted to look like other girls in my classes, so that maybe the boys would forget that I had no hair and pay attention to me. I never really had celebrity idols, but thought that in order to be liked and desirable, I had to be thin and wear the “right” clothes. I was always pretty slim as a kid, but around the age of seventeen I began to develop and therefore lose my stream-lined shape. I always hated my chest and hips.

These aren’t uncommon feelings for young women. Where it becomes worrisome though, these feelings of “not belonging” can sometimes lead to unhealthy dieting and in cases, attempts on ending it all. This link, will take you to a fact sheet on suicide in Canada and around the world, pointing out specific statistics on eating disorders, gender differences, and mental health concerns.

This article, discusses the promises which had Canadians elect Prime Minister harper after thirteen years of a Liberal Government. The author describes how each promise has been broken and how the Conservatives are no better than the rest. I chose this article for this particular discussion because the chorus seems to mirror the words that were running through my mine as the election results started pouring in. I also find the article fitting because the song also talks about how kids are starving in the streets while rich men drive by in their expensive cars, something which is happening in Canada because the Conservatives continue to give corporations big tax breaks, while families struggle to survive.

It’s really interesting to see how music can be used to discuss many of the problems society’s facing. Please join us again next week when I’ll pick another song and relate it to things happening today.

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