Could You Imagine?

For the past few months I’ve been reading “Best Friends Forever” by Jennifer Wiener and today came upon an “OMG!” moment.

Adelaide Downs is lying in bed thinking about the moment which caused her to realize her weight is not only unhealthy, but is creating barriers to life. In her mind’s eye, she is walking along a street and notices a sign advertising the dessert of the day and decides to go into the restaurant for a treat. The diner is small and has only booths so she knows from the moment she enters that the trip will not go well. After squeezing herself into the tight space between the booth and table, she looks at the menu and overhears a little boy ask his mom why the woman next to them is so large. The mom tells the little boy that it’s because she eats too much and makes bad food choices. Hearing this makes Addie uncomfortable, so she decides to quickly order a bowl of soup and leave. When she’s done though, she tries to stand up and is horrified to learn that she’s stuck! Then to make matters worse, she notices the little boy watching her struggle.

Reading this made me feel terrible. I thought about how awful it must have been for Addie to be in this situation and began thinking about my own weight and wondering if this could some day happen to me. I’m not a huge person, but I’m also not a healthy weight either. I’ve tried cutting this and that out of my diet and have tried convincing myself to go on our treadmill at least once a day, but right now I just don’t have the desire to stick with it. I also understand the risks surrounding my weight, but so far have just not found the spark I require to light my will power to become healthier. I know it will come some day, but I’m just hoping it won’t be too late.

It’s funny to think of all the obsessing I do over keeping my dogs slim and healthy, when to do this for myself seems to be so difficult.


  1. improving your health through what you eat doesn’t have to start as a massive life overhaul, it starts with 1 small change. Then as you get comfortable with that 1 small change you made and start to feel positive about it, then you make another small change. Bit by bit over time you, with small change, initiate a greater change and make healthier eating habits and choices for your life as a whole.

    For example a little over a year ago I wanted to loose some weight, so I changed my lunch meal from something that was rather carb heavy, to a can of light soup that I liked. Just by doing that I lost 10# in about a month. It starts with small change.

    Research shows it takes about 9 weeks to form a new habit. And by making small change you are more willing and able to stick with something until it becomes a habit.

    So think small, it doesn’t have to be an entire overhaul of your entire diet, just make 1 small change that can have a larger impact than you expect.

  2. Slowly I’m picking things to eliminate or reduce and it seems to be working (maybe not according to the scale) and by doing it this way, I’ve been able to stick with it. Just recently, I decided to give up pop for Lent (to give me a goal time frame) and it worked out well and I’m going to stick with not having it 🙂 I may have the odd ginger ale here or there when my tummy isn’t feeling great, but to have pop every day or to have all the various kinds is out. So, you’re right, small changes here and there will help, it’s just figuring out which to do when so that the scale will actually start showing my efforts lol!

  3. Mr. K always says that he wishes someone would regulate his food the way we regulate our dogs. 🙂 Small changes are good for sure and using that treadmill doesn’ thave to be a huge commitment either. You could even start off by walking on it for ten minutes, three times a week. That little bit of added activity may help and then you don’t feel like you’re training for a marathon for no reason. Good luck 🙂

  4. I like to listen to music or a book when I walk on a treadmill. I haven’t walked on one for years, but when I used to go to the Y that’s what I’d do. Perhaps you could listen to a TV show or a book or something, and that would help you stay motivated? I also agree with everyone else that small changes are good. A lot of women in my family are heavier, and i’ve seen them go on diet after diet, but they can’t stick to it because they’re trying to make drastic changes too quickly.

    i wish we lived closer, then we could walk together. I need to lose the baby weight but can’t afford a gym membership or treadmill. I’m hoping to start walking more often now that spring is here. Good luck!

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