Am I Weird?

Today, Phoenix is officially fourteen and a half!

Am I weird to celebrate such a milestone???

A friend of mine thinks I am, but then he always seems to think I do strange things with my dogs. He thinks it’s strange that I host birthday parties for them and that I even fill their stockings at Christmas.

What do you think??

In my opinion…

I think having Phoenix reach fourteen and a half is a real milestone to celebrate!

He had such a rough time at Christmas, but rose “from the ashes”, a really fun way of describing it – seeing as his name is Phoenix, right?

I feel that every day he’s still with us is a day worth celebrating, but that would get a little expensive so why not just celebrate every six months, right??

Well, Huib doesn’t think I’m crazy (I sure do love that guy!), so we’re going to order Phoenix a new collar from Silverfoot and make him some gluten free cupcakes again to share with his canine buddies. Since he’s working all weekend though, I think we’ll do it on Monday, so maybe Dawsen can come join in on the fun as well.

Happy fourteen And A Half Birthday Phoenix!!

You’ve changed my life in ways you’ll never know and I will cherish every day you choose to stay and walk along beside me.


  1. Can’t say I’m the type of person who would ever have a party for any of my dogs. Especially not these ones in places where lots of dogs meet up and share doggy treats, but that’s just me.
    I definitely agree that reaching over 14 is a great reason to celebrate, and if you do that by having a party then that’s cool.
    I’d absolutely love it if OJ lives that long. What’s his secret? haha

  2. I’m really not sure what Phoenix’s secret is, but we do try and help him along by feeding him high quality food and giving him various supplements 🙂 He’s been getting Glucosamine & Condrointen since he was eight and a half and since then we’ve added this and that when the vet advises us to do so and he looks amazing and is doing fabulously! He still has all his teeth (except 1 that was removed at 10 & not so pointy canines from chewing bones), wrestles with Canyon (who’s 22 months) and can run if he really wants to lol!

  3. Hi Y’all,

    Considering that dog’s age so much faster than Humans…six months at the age of 14 is huge!

    When our Chessie girl passed 12 I started celebrating every month! When she was 14 I thanked God for everyday she was still with us. When she no longer wanted to ride in the car, we started celebrating every good day she had…finally at 15 we had to let her go.

    Our Flatcoat lived into his 16th year.

    Life is to be celebrated!

    BrownDog’s Momma

  4. Congrats Phoenix!

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