Canine Memory

As usual, I haven’t posted a memory in a while so here comes one now!!

Sometimes You Just Gotta Go…

I’m sure you all know where this post is going, but just in case you’re still in need of your morning coffee, I’ll give you a little clue…POO!!

Phoenix is the pooping king. He will poop more times in a day than any other being in our home. He does not care where he is, if he has to go and he can’t get your attention, then he’ll just drop his load. Luckily with the raw diet though, his stools are quite dry and easy to pick up. But, I do remember his working days and wanting to die, because he decided it was a good idea to drop a load in front of a crowd of unsuspecting mall goers. I used to dread going into malls with Phoenix. It did not matter how many times he pooped before we arrived or if he had eaten before we left home – it would happen!! We’d be walking along, doing well I thought, and then….he’d begin to slow a little…and before I could react….he’d do it!! I don’t know how many times I’d look around to see if anyone noticed, only to find out we were standing right beside a table of people eating their lunch in the food court. He didn’t keep these little surprises for just the mall either! I also hated taking him to visit friends and family because I knew they would end up convincing me to let him off leash, only to later find out he had left a present in their basement or once in a little girl’s bedroom!! Phoenix’s pooping in public got to be so frustrating near the end of his working career, that I was actually sort of relieved when he decided it was time to throw in the towel and spend his days relaxing on the couch.

Phoenix is not the only one in our household who has left a family member an unexpected surprise – Cessna is just as guilty. Cessna is a little more finicky about where she deposits her treasures, but for some unknown reason, she has left my aunt’s guy friend more than just one present in the only room of the house he does not allow his own dogs to enter. I have never worried about allowing Cessna off leash when visiting or wondered if she would squat in the middle of a public place – she is a reliable reliever. But, after Dean entered his living room to grab a coaster and found a neat little pile of Cessna logs, I’ve been a little more cautious.

We’ve been really lucky with Canyon thus far. He has not once had an accident that I can remember in someone’s home, but with Aspen….luck hasn’t really been on our side. Jess from At A Glacial Pace will remember this one!

When Aiden was about 8 months of age, Jess and her roommates invited us to come with the dogs for Jetta’s retirement party (I think). Well, my sister was living with us at this point in time so we decided to leave Phoenix at home and bring our other three; Cessna, Aspen and Aiden. Well, Aspen had been having some stomach issues that day, so we probably should have left her home, but thought the Immodium we had given her would keep her belly happy enough – we were wrong!! We arrived before most of the other guests, so Aspen took this time to get in as many Auntie Jess snuggles as possible. Well, I guess her belly began to bother her so she got into Jess’s lap in an effort to get Huib’s attention, he was sitting in a chair to her right, but before anyone knew what she was doing….her bowels let go! Huib grabbed Aspen and ran her outside, while I caught the other two, so Jess and her roommates could get everything cleaned up. I couldn’t stop apologizing and so desperately wanted to crawl under a rock and die! I know it wasn’t Aspen’s fault, but how many people can actually say their dog has pooped in a friend’s lap? Aspen has had bowel issues since a very young age so, we should have known something like this could happen.

Here’s a final Aspen story to further spoil your breakfast. When Aspen was a year old, we were still working on the whole house training because of her overly sensitive bowels. Well, my aunt bought me a huge bag of Jelly Belly’s for a graduation present and stupidly, I left them on our coffee table while we ran out the door for the ceremony. Aspen had been doing quite well with staying alone, so I didn’t think twice about crating her. When we arrived home in the afternoon, my sister immediately saw the empty jelly Belly package on the living room floor and brought it outside for me to see – I had been letting Aspen out. Well, she didn’t seem to be having any issues and her breath smelled absolutely delicious, so we weren’t too worried. That night, I woke up to the smell of poop. I got out of bed slowly and tried to find the source, but was unsuccessful so woke Huib. He looked around for a good five minutes and just before giving up, found it! It wasn’t on the floor, but on top of Phoenix’s crate!! Now, I’m guessing you’re thinking the same thing we did, “how the heck did she get up there?” Well, we had a pretty small bedroom back then so had a Rubbermaid container sitting between the end of our bed and his crate. I guess she had to go, so thought she’d climb up there and poop while looking outside lol! We had been working so hard on teaching her not to poop indoors, that I guess she decided this was the best option since she couldn’t wake us. Well, she didn’t get in trouble that day because first of all, we couldn’t stop laughing, and second, we thought it was pretty smart.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our messy adventures and hope we didn’t ruin your breakfast!


  1. Yuk!
    Poor Jes!
    How did you manage to still work a dog that went so much inside? I don’t think an Irish guide dog would make it to the end of his working career if he was like that haha.

  2. I was only 18 when I got him and we worked well otherwise so I just dealt with his little querk lol! He also didn’t always do it, but it more seemed like when it got cold or when I thought we had resolved the issue hahaha! I love my old guy anyways!

    jess is awesome lol! She didn’t freak out or anything when Aspen pooped on her, she also knew Aspen had bowel issues and recognized that she had been trying to tell Huib when it happened.

  3. Love the last Aspen story. lol

  4. OK, the Jelly Belly pooping story has me laughing so hard tears are running down my face. She is a very clever girl!

  5. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who could forget a Golden Retriever pooping in your lap? It’s ok, I still love her. Mr. P pooped at my house twice too, but I knew it was a risk and it was a risk I was willing to take. LOL I can’t stop cracking up.
    Now, Cessnaroo pooping inside? She must have been desperate.
    Jetta pooped in the mall twice too and then protest pooped in an airport…hmmm, you may have inspired tomorrow’s post. LOL
    Thanks for the laugh.
    PS: Mr. G has never pottied inside though: that dog has bowels/bladder of steel. 🙂

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