Awesome Blog Award

Hi There. It’s Cessna here! Mommy said that I could take over the blog today because she’s busy trying to keep Canyon out of trouble – he seems to think it is necessary to chew the noses and ears off all our toys!!

So guess what? This morning Mommy was reading through the various blogs she follows and saw that our friends, L^ and Jack gave us this awesome blog award. Thanks guys, we think you are stellar too!!

The rules for accepting this award are:
• Link to the person who gave you the award.
• Share 7 things about yourself.
• Then pass the award on to 15 other blogs.

Well, let’s start with 7 things you might not know about me:
1. I was trained in Quebec. Even though Mommy got me from the Lions Foundation of Canada in Oakville, my trainer lived in Quebec and I spent about six months with him there.
2. I am not only Mommy’s 3rd dog guide, but I am also her smallest. Gryphon was an approximately 25 inch tall, slim, male who weighed 81lbs, Phoenix is a 23 inch tall, small male weighing 66lbs when he was working and I’m a mere 21.5 inches tall and weigh less than Phoenix (a woman never tells her true size you know…)
3. I am a very picky eater. I will turn up a meal or treat if I don’t think it’s worth the calories. Mommy once tried to see how long I would hold out for something better and gave in after 50 hours…she should have known that I always win!!
4. My nicknames are Beau (my mom’s name is Belle), Dobby (Daddy thinks I’m cute and loyal like the house elf), Cessnaroo (I love squirrels and will jump around like a kangaroo in harness when I see one), and Torpedo (our old neighbor used to call me that because I’d dive bomb her when she came over).

5. I take my name to heart. I make Mommy walk so fast, she sometimes loses her breath. I also swim faster than every dog I know, so they often don’t want to play with me .But, as a result of my speed, my tail gets swollen and I end up crying whenever I sit or lie down later…Mommy says it’s called Rudder Tail.

6. When I was six months old I caught a bunny and chipmunk before my foster mom could stop me. I didn’t mean to, but I guess I scared them and they both died before I could give them to her.

7. I don’t trust chocolate labs (Mommy says Jack is probably a nice boy though). I’ve had two chocolate service dogs attack me and made friends with a puppy who ended up attacking me when she got older. I don’t get aggressive towards them, but I refuse to interact and wouldn’t even trust Reece, who lived with us from the age of 8 weeks.

Now, here are 15 blogs we think are awesome:
1. At a Glacial Pace By Jess and her Leader Dog Glacier

2. The World As I See It, My Life As It Happens by Lynette and her guide dog DeeDee

3. Paws For Thought by Jen and her guide dog O.J

4. The CRPS Girl by Ashley, as she prepares to receive her new service dog from CARES

5. Pedigree Dogs Exposed a great blog that discusses the myths and problems of purebred dogs

6. Raise A Green Dog an informative blog on eco-friendly products, recipes, and other fun dog related stuff

7. Caring For Your Older Dog a great place to read senior dog product reviews, learn about available therapies and find other useful information

8. Rolling Around In My Head by Dave Hingsburger, “a prolific author and public speaker who has worked in support of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities for more than 30 years”

9. Doggy Zen Den a great blog on the holistic approach to caring for your dog

10. K9-Crazy a blog written by someone who has fostered puppies for both National Service Dogs and The Lions Foundation of Canada, but is now focusing on competing with their own dogs

11. Vomit Comet by Carin and her partner Steve, a place to discuss everything and anything

12. After Gadget by Sharon and her service dog in training, Barnum

13. By My Side by Katrin, as she waits for her future Guide Dog Foundation partner

14. From Puppy To Public Access by Linda, her service dog Laurel and service dog in training, hardy

15. Dawg Business: It’s Your Dog’s Health by Jana Rade, in an effort to bring dog health issues to the forefront

I’m sure we’ve chosen blogs that have already been awarded, but Mommy is still new to the whole following thing so if you have a blog out there and we haven’t come to check it out then please leave the address in our comments section.

And to all those people who read our blog, thank you!!



  1. Well, gee, thanks Cesna, or jetplane as I called you one day. 15 blogs? Jeebers I don’t know if I can think of 15 blogs. Holy crap! Well thanks.

  2. And Cesna, your html needs some help. Your link to l Squared is broken. wow, I might be able to think of 15 blogs after all.

  3. Cool thanks. I’ll get round to doing this eventually. Some of the links didn’t open for me but maybe that’s just my silly computer!

  4. Nope, it’s Brooke’s silly computer. Try ’em again.

  5. Thank you so much! Barnum and I are honored!

    Rudder tail, huh? Do your paws ever leave the ground?

  6. haha yay they work! Glad you got rid of the capcha too, and now I can post comments. Good work!

  7. Trix got that once. Broke my heart in two!

  8. Thank you Carin for helping me with the links, stupid Microsoft Word!

    Jen – I actually didn’t realize the captia was on until L^ told me lol!

    Sharon – I really enjoy reading your blog and look forward to hearing even more about how Barnum grows up to be your companion. Cessna is always moving or sleeping lol! There’s no in between with her, which is probably why they matched her with me. She gets rudder tail every time she swims because she gets too into it and does it with such enthusiasm that her poor tail swells from the constant movement. The vet thinks it is because she doesn’t really wag her tail like other dogs so that’s probably why she gets it every time instead of just at the beginning of the season. But, we just give her an aspirin and that seems to take care of the pain and of course she doesn’t swim the following couple of days lol!

  9. I’m just glad it was a simple problem to fix. Silly persnickety html.

  10. Hey Jen, are you able to use Firefox? If you are, want WebVisum? It can help solve captchas. Let me know and I can invite you.

  11. Awwww, thanks Cessie! We miss you, and hope to visit soon, though maybe this time i’ll leave Corbin with his grandparents. 😉

  12. An award?! Just for us? Awwww, thanks! It’s our first award and I have no idea how to put it up. LOL!
    And Miss Cessnaroo, I am pretty sure I have been around when your paws have left the ground-you’re a pretty fast little girl. 🙂
    I will try to put his up. Thanks

  13. Hi Y’all,

    Just came over from Dawg Business! Love y’alls blog.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  14. Thanks Brook, I pop by to read your blog often, keep posting! 🙂

  15. Thanks everyone for the comments 🙂 I actually didn’t realize you still read our blog K9 crazy – love reading about your dogs 🙂

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