Bye bye 2010, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

Everyone seems to be writing year end wrap-ups so I thought I’d do the same for all of us at ruled by paws.

2010 has been a year of progress, maturing, adventure and frustration for all of us. We moved to Northeastern Ontario almost a year and a half ago and it hasn’t been the fresh start we thought it would be. The dogs seem to have settled well into their new home, but Huib and I haven’t been able to catch-up on bills like we thought and feel as though we would have been better off if we had stayed in Guelph. Aspen’s irritable bowel issues haven’t flared up as much as they did when we lived in Guelph and Phoenix seems happier to be able to walk around his yard as opposed to walking along sidewalks, but Cessna isn’t getting to work as much as she should and I often feel stranded because I no longer have the independence I used to. It is hard sometimes to think about what life could have been like if we had stayed in our Guelph condo – maybe we’d still be fostering for ADS, maybe I could have gotten a casual position with the Acquired Brain Injury Program at St. Joseph’s Health Care, or maybe I’d be back in school feeling as though I could actually become a productive member of our household. But then would we have Canyon? Would he have entered our lives if we had not moved out of our small 2-bedroom condo? Would he have been happy there? Would he have settled into our family as easily if we had not lived outside town, similar to the way he lived previously? These questions continue to move through my head and I can’t seem to find an acceptable answer.

Even though Huib and I have had our frustrations this year, each of the dogs have experienced 2010 differently.

As everyone knows Canyon celebrated his one year anniversary with us on December 18th and 2010 has been one of learning and maturing for him. In a previous post I talked about everything he’s learned and experienced over the year, but here are a couple highlights. Canyon turned one on June 3rd and visited Toronto several times with us over the summer. We went to both Summer and Winter Woofstock as well as Sick Children’s Hospital to visit my friend’s daughter, Christina. Canyon has become a handsome young adult an possesses an amazing temperament, so we’re hoping that in June he’ll pass his health clearances and begin our breeding program.

For most of 2010 Phoenix enjoyed almost perfect health with just a minor ear infection that doesn’t seem to want to leave. But, in November his left ear flap became engorged with blood and he had to get it drained by the vet. Then a couple weeks later it looked as though he had had a stroke and we thought we were going to lose him. As everyone knows though, it turned out to be Idiopathic Vestibular Disease and with just a little extra care he has almost fully recovered.

As you can see 2010 has been a year of ups and downs for all of us, but we all made it through without too many bumps and bruises.

Happy new Year to all our friends! May 2011 be the year dreams come true!

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