Raising Reece

Today (December 20th) Reece turns 2. It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year and a couple of months since we gave him up. As everyone knows, Reece was washed from the Autism dog Services program in October of 2010 because of his elbow. It was a really hard decision to forgo adopting him, but with the diagnosis of an ununited coronoid process we knew that it would be unfair to take him and not be able to afford the surgery he would almost certainly require. In addition to this Reece had given us a run for our money and caused a bit of a rift between Huib and himself – he will be forever known as our $5,000 puppy! Huib did not have the opportunity to really get to know Reece, so did not have the bond I had with him. I spent many hours working on skills with him while Huib was at school or work and when Huib left to begin working in Kirkland Lake Reece and I developed an even stronger bond. But, there was still that underlying distrust of whether he might decide to chew something while confined and the fact that Cessna just couldn’t bond with him, so we made the decision to let ADS place him and hope that we would get a chance to keep in touch with his new family.

Reece was adopted around the end of November by an ADS family and shares the house with their foster puppy who had also been washed from the program. Urban is also a chocolate lab, but was disqualified for digestive issues and over activeness. At first Reece’s new family wasn’t sure they could handle the two boys, but within just a short period of time they noticed Reece was a positive influence on urban, teaching him to calm down and relax. Reece and Urban have become the best of friends and will often be found napping together.

We have been lucky to see Reece on a semi-regular basis. He lives in Kitchener and we see him almost every time we visit Waterloo. Reece has not had any real elbow issues since becoming a pet and the orthopedic surgeon told his family that at this point he wouldn’t benefit much from the corrective surgery. During our last visit to Waterloo we got together with Reece. It was so wonderful to see him, he looks great and was super excited to see us. I wanted to post some updated pictures of him, but Huib was distracted and forgot to take some. Hopefully in January or February we’ll see them and get some pictures to share.

Happy 2nd birthday Reece’s Pieces! You were a little terror at times, but you have left a paw print on my heart that will never be forgotten. You have grown up to be such a handsome and wonderful boy and I look forward to keeping in touch with your family for years to come.

“Life isn’t tied with a bow, but it’s still a gift.”

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