Our Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,
Since I am the more intelligent of the crew – at least that’s what I think – I offered to write our Christmas wish list.

I’ve been a very good girl, guiding Mommy wherever she wants, taking care of the others – Canyon can be such a bully to Aspen sometimes! – and trying to listen when Mommy asks me to help with special tasks like putting our toys away or standing with her while she lets the others out at night. There isn’t a lot of things I’d like – unlike some dogs in this house, Canyon should really stop being such a greedy boy! – so I’m really hoping you’ll be able to help me out. I’m really a big fan of playing tug, swinging toys around so they hit the others in the head, fun treats and trying to figure out how to get things out of a toy, so here are just a few things I’d love this year.

• A Kong Genius toy – as I said I’m pretty smart, so think this toy would be fun for me
• A Jolly Ball for playing tug & retrieving when swimming in the summer
• A large size Kong so Mommy can fill it with peanut butter or wet food
• A stuffed toy that I can shake around & tease Canyon – I really do enjoy teasing that guy!
• Busy Bones – these are my favourite to get when the others get their stupid rawhide rolls, don’t know why they like those things…
As you can see Santa I don’t really have a very long list, but if you aren’t able to get some of these then I won’t be upset. Mommy told me there are dogs out there who don’t have homes or families who love them so I don’t mind if you put a little more effort into helping them this year, rather than getting me all I ask for.

Guess I’d better move onto the others so they’ll stop breathing down my back – this typing thing is really hard, not sure how Mommy does it for so long.

Phoenix has also been a very good boy. He is a lot older than me so can’t help Mommy as much as I can, but he really does try and watch her for me so I can get a little rest without worrying. Phoenix was Mommy’s guide before I came and she says he was a really great friend – he taught me how to guide Mommy without my harness, which I guess is pretty cool. Phoenix got sick a couple weeks ago and doesn’t seem to be eating the same kind of food as we do anymore – he gets the really good stuff that comes out of a can, I’m so jealous! – so I guess I’ll suggest some more suitable gifts for him – since he really doesn’t seem to realize he has to be careful, that’s what I hear Mommy telling Daddy. Phoenix also can’t run around or play as much as I can so some of the toys I like wouldn’t be good for him, but he does like food. Here are a few things I think he’d like you to bring him Santa, if you can manage it.

• Wellness soft treats – Mommy can break them up so he won’t get them stuck in his lungs, that’s what I heard Mommy tell someone the vet is worried about
• A really soft fleece blanket for him to use when he is in the truck or visiting people with Mommy – as I said he got sick a couple of weeks ago so things are really kinda different around here
• Deli Fresh treats – they are soft & Mommy seems to give them to him when we get other ones
• A large size Kong for Mommy to fill with peanut butter or wet food

Phoenix also likes it when he gets new collars or bandannas so if you think there’s one he might like Santa, then please get him that as well.

Now it’s time to write Aspen’s list for her. Aspen is a little boring if you ask me, but she’s really good about taking care of Phoenix when Mommy needs me to work for her so I guess she’s okay. Aspen doesn’t really play much like Canyon and I do, but she seems to like food, swimming, playing fetch and rolling around on Mommy and Daddy’s bed with a stuffed toy in her mouth. Here are some things she asked me to write for her.

• An air Kong toy – she says she isn’t picky, but loves chasing & squeaking them when Mommy or Daddy throws it
• Any really soft stuffed toy that squeaks – she’s really gentle with her toys, unlike Canyon and I, so ones that are meant for puppies would be okay
• Anything edible – Mommy says she is a lab in a golden’s clothing, not sure what that means…
• A large size Kong for Mommy to fill with peanut butter or wet food – as I said before, she loves food

Aspen is a really girly dog – unlike me – so if you see anything a girly dog would like then it’s perfect for her.

In my opinion Canyon’s been a naughty boy! He always picks on Aspen and doesn’t seem to always listen to Mommy like I do, but I guess I’ll give you his list and let you decide. He isn’t a picky dog – unless it comes to food – but he absolutely loves balls, toys that squeak and to play fetch. Here is his list – personally I think he’s being a bit greedy, but here it is anyways.

• A treat ball – Phoenix doesn’t like it when he plays with his
• A Kong Genius toy – he claims he’s just as smart as me, but we’ll see who’s smarter…
• An Air Kong toy – like Aspen, he enjoys squeaking and chasing toys that Mommy & Daddy throw for him
• A Nylabone – not sure why, but he seems to like those
• A stuffed toy – I told him to ask for this so he would stop stealing Aspen’s toys
• Squeaky tennis balls – as I said he loves balls!
• Rollover treats – Mommy seems to use these & other yummy treats when she teaches him new things

I refuse to write anything further for him because I just can’t stand him!! He doesn’t seem to care that there are dogs out there without families like ours. Wonder where he thinks Auntie Brandi’s new golden retriever, Dawsen, came from…. Just so you know Santa, Dawsen was adopted through Golden Rescue and I’m sure he’d also love some new toys and treats if you can manage the additional weight in your sleigh. Dawsen doesn’t have a lot yet, so anything you bring him would be great!

Well that’s all for now Santa, but we do have two cats named Logan and Laya who share our home so if you see any good cat treats or toys they might like then please add them to our wish list.

Many sloppy kisses and tail wags from a very good girl



  1. Haha… too cute! We hope you get everything you want for Christmas.

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