Almost Back

It has been about 3 weeks since Phoenix began showing signs of Idiopathic Vestibular Disease. We had our post-treatment phone consult a week ago and Dr B was quite happy with his recovery. She told us that if we notice him regressing that we should contact her and she’ll give him another homeopathic remedy. She also had us speak with one of her vet techs about a homemade food for him and he will soon begin a homeopathic regiment.

Phoenix still has a slight head tilt and wears his bright orange life jacket so we can help him up and down the stairs at the front of the house, but he no longer requires assistance walking around the house or outside. He can jump onto the couch and find a comfortable spot on his own, but we still have him sleep between us at night, just in case.

The past couple of weeks have been both stressful and exciting. Stressful because we’ve had to watch Phoenix’s every move and the more he recovered the more stubborn he became. But, it’s been exciting because we’ve had the opportunity to watch him progress from not being able to do much on his own to seeming healthier than he was even 6 months ago. To help him even further we bought some carpet to help give him traction when walking around the house.

We’re so lucky to still have Phoenix around and will be sure to make the best of every moment we have left.

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