Today (November 2nd) marks the beginning of Kyo’s (pronounced Keo) new adventure in life. Kyo is an almost 2 year old great dane/black lab cross who was adopted by a friend from the Guelph Humane Society this past April. Kyo was over 25lbs heavier than he should have been and knew absolutely nothing in terms of obedience or proper house manners. Jes worked hard at teaching Kyo his name and all of the basic commands he would need in order to be a wonderful pet.

Kyo is a very large dog (the great dane in him) so needs a lot of exercise and needs a great deal of attention which is something Jess has had a lot of difficulty giving him. He wants to be with “his people” all of the time and finds it hard to share the attention with his guide dog buddies (Glacier & Roscoe). It became quite apparent that Kyo would need to find a new home about a month and a half ago when Kyo’s behavior changed for the worse and he began destroying things out of frustration. After a lot of research and calling several places, Jess learned about PALS, a service dog organization which accepts private donations of dogs to be trained for things such as mobility and autism assistance. After passing his temperament test, Kyo was sent for x-rays and after a few weeks it was learned that he had passed!

Today Kyo will leave Jess and begin a preliminary six weeks of training before a decision will be made as to whether he’ll continue on or be adopted out as a pet. Good luck Kyo, you are a good boy and deserve the opportunity to become someone’s life changing companion!

“Don’t let the fear of striking out hold you back!” – Babe Ruth

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