Where Has The Time Gone?

It has been a while since I last posted so thought it was time to update everyone on both Reece and Aiden. Reece will turn 6 months on Saturday and is pretty much the same size as Cessna and weighs over 55lbs!! Gone are the days when he was a little puppy that I could carry around in my arms. He has progressed well in his obedience training and is now heeling about 60% of the time without reminders – unless of course we come upon another dog. We have begun to work on his extended stays and he is doing well with reminders here and there.

Over the past few weeks we have taken Reece to several events where he has been required to behave for long periods of time. He has really impressed us, for his age he is able to calm down and relax pretty quickly. Even his trainer has commented on how well he is doing.

Aiden will soon turn 18 months (June 23rd) and has now been matched. He will be going to his family permanently within the month. I am so excited for him, they are the perfect family for his energy level and personality. He will be assisting an 8 year old boy from the Lindsay, Ontario area. He will live in the country near a lake and will have unlimited opportunities to play fetch and swim as his little partner in crime and older brother love to play with him. This weekend is the ADS family/raiser picnic so I will get a chance to say good-bye to my little monkey man. I have an album made for his new family and have made up a care package of all his favourite toys – I can’t wait to give them this. I am sure I will get semi-regular updates on him, so will continue to post these when they come.

Good luck Aiden and Kamaran!! May you both share a life full of happiness and memorable experiences.

“Each of us is a vital thread in another person’s tapestry.”


  1. oh wow that is super… He’s growing fast! Good for him having the challenge of paying attention for long periods of time…

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