Endora Retires

Thursday (May 29) was the big day for Endora, she has now officially retired. Endora is 7 ½ so will hopefully have a long life of being a pampered pet. Over the almost 6 years that she was with Lynette she moved several times, had a period of being overweight, and then had periods of being on a regular routine and then being on no real routine. Now that Lynette has been hired by the Ontario Government and works 9-5pm everyday Endora has decided that this routine is too much for her and she’d rather retire than continue to work.

Endora will always be my American Princess, she is from GDB and has a lot of personality. If she is not your friend or if she is in a mood she will sit as far away from you as she can, for this I nicknamed her the American Snob. Endora was always a faithful dog and would go anywhere and do anything she could for Lynette. When Lynette was having a bad day, Endora always seemed to know and would be extremely snuggley and affectionate, trying to make Lynette feel better. Endora and I became great friends from day one, I met her about 2 weeks after her and Lynette came home. As soon as I sat down on the couch, she got up beside me and put her head on my lap for some love. Over the years her and I have become closer and I always enjoyed her visits…not sure my cats did, but she always had a way of making us all smile.

Lynette arrived at GDB, California campus, yesterday evening after a day of craziness. I talked with her last night and she seems to be settling in and getting excited about her new friend to come. She took Endora to Halifax where she will be living with her aunt and uncle. The first night there Lynette slept downstairs and since they do not have any carpet on them and they are steep Endora wouldn’t go down, but instead slept in her aunt and uncle’s room. In the morning her aunt leaned over to say hi to Endora and with no time to say a word, Endora was up on the bed and snuggling in between her and her husband. Lynette left her alone at her aunt and uncle’s place a few times while she was there over the weekend and Endora quickly made friends with her uncle, not leaving his side. I think Endora has found her forever home, the home she deserves and the home she will live in until she moves onto the next phase of her life. I will keep everyone posted on how Lynette is doing in class and how Endora is settling in to her new home.

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss


  1. Thank you for this post about Endora and her retirement! I raise for GDB, and love hearing about the working guides out there. I can’t wait to hear about Lynette’s new partner!

  2. Wow, I don’t think I ever knew ou wrote this post. Of course by now, Endora is really enjoying retirement, but since my aunt and uncle are selling their house, and they don’t know where they are going to live, I’m not sure what will happen to Endora, but i know she will not leave my family.

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