Puppy Pandimonium

So yesterday we packed up our dogs and headed off on a trip to Parry Sound. We dropped Cessna, Phoenix, and Aspen all off to stay with a friend of mine’s sister since the trip would end with chaos if we didn’t find someone to watch them. Aiden stayed with us because we were heading to visit his breeder and pick up his two siblings, Amber and Teal. The drive was beautiful and the traffic was light. After a three hour trip we arrived at our destination.

Aiden was quite interested in this place and when a lovely woman (his breeder) came out to greet us he was so excited. I am not sure if he remembered her or the place or if it was just her excitement wearing off on him, but there was tons of jumping around and kisses. He is a very affectionate boy and loves to give his kisses, something we will need to work on in the future since not everyone enjoys to be licked all over. Aiden’s mom, Sadie, and Nutella the older dog of the house were in a fenced in area and making tons of noise, not sure what all the excitement was about and who these strange people were at their home. Sadie is a 2 ½ year old black lab. She is slightly tall for a typical female lab and has quite large paws…guess that’s where Aiden gets his feet from. She has a gorgeous thick, shiny coat with tons of waves. Once Sadie and Nutella went into the house, there was silence for a bit. We chatted some and Aiden was looked over by Catherine in awe, she was quite pleased at how well he’s begun to develop and quite happy with his disposition.

After a bit she decided it was time to bring out Amber and Teal for a visit. They have become quite good at escaping the enclosure she had made for them so before retrieving them from the house she repaired the temporary fencing. Amber and Teal came out full of wiggles and energy, I think they must feed off one another because the energy in the yard was insanely high. Amber is not much smaller than Aiden, maybe a bit shorter, but Teal is shorter and more of a stalkier build. Aiden and Amber could be easily mistaken as the same dog, but in reality Amber is slightly darker in colour. Teal on the other hand is lighter than them both and I think also has darker eyes. Both are sweet in their own ways though.

After a bit of puppy playtime Catherine went in to the house to prepare us some lunch. Teal is a mommy’s boy and followed her everywhere. Amber and Aiden would follow at first, but after a few minutes would return, but Amber often went back in to see what was happening. Amber and Teal are like twins, they do everything together and when apart aren’t the happiest. Catherine has to feed them together and crate them together or she will get nothing done. They enjoyed ganging up on Aiden, but he was a good sport and just took it all in stride. When the two of them were playing together or digging a hole, he’d just sit by me and watch. Catherine said he was always the puppy who sat back and observed the rest, that is why she had originally called him Copper.

Once lunch was over, we had a nice chat over coffee while the puppies all played together. Aiden did really well at lunch, just laid by my feet under the table while Amber and Teal walked here and there. I guess all the socializing and obedience work and public trips have really helped him to mature. Even though him, Amber and Teal are all the same age, he just seems so much more mature…way to go buddy!

Just before we left a couple came over to introduce us to Brody, Aiden’s biggest brother, and to see how Aiden looks now that he has grown. Brody is a VERY big boy, weighing in at 51lbs already. His legs are like tree stumps and he already looks like he could be full grown. We all chatted a bit whie the puppies played and Amber got in her last rumble with Brody before we all said good-bye. It was amazing how fast time went, we had arrived around 2:30pm and then all of a sudden it was 6:00pm. We packed everyone up in the car and set out on the 3 ½ hour drive back home. Amber seemed to settle down after a bit, but Teal had a harder time with everything. We had put him into our doggie seat belt before leaving because he was jumping all over the car and that just wasn’t safe. Amber sat by my feet in the front for a while, but once we got onto the 401 I brought Aiden up to sit with me and allowed Amber to go into the back where she quickly fell asleep. About 45 minutes or so from home I took Teal out of the seat belt and he seemed to settle in a bit better. At some point during the drive between Parry Sound and Barrie he had thrown up, guess the stress was too much for his little belly.

Once we were back in Guelph, I put Aiden into the back and brought Teal and Amber to sit by my feet so that my other 3 dogs could get in. We all were exhausted by the time we got in. Aiden pretty much curled up and went to sleep along with my other 3. Amber and Teal refused to go out for relief so were put to bed right away. They barked for a long time, but after some frustration and raised voices they got the point and were quiet most of the night. We moved our crate into the spare bedroom for the night and allowed Aiden to roam free in our bedroom. He was very good about this arrangement, curling up on one of the dog beds in our room and falling asleep right away. It wasn’t him who woke me up at 6:00am, but Amber telling me it was time to take them out.

This afternoon we took Teal to meet his new foster family, I am interested to find out how he did without Amber and will update you all if I learn anything. Amber does not yet have a home, but will spend at least the weekend with us. I think it will do her some good to be around older dogs who won’t allow her to dominate them. I will let you all know how her first night alone goes.

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