Life With Dogs

Wake up at 6:30am, take Aiden and Phoenix (they can’t hold it as long as regular aged dogs) out, go back to bed for another couple of hours if lucky…wake up at 9:00am (on a good day) and the chaos of feeding begins! Scoop out a cup for Aspen, put it into her bowl with some water and move quickly before she knocks you over trying to get to her bowl before the imaginary dog beside her gets all the food…scoop out a cup of a different food for Cessna and put it into her bowl, convince her it is okay to eat and that it isn’t her, but Aiden who you are telling to back off and leave the food alone…start process again with Cessna because Aiden has again decided it is his food and not hers. Go back to the food bins, scoop out just over a cup of a different food for Phoenix and dance around Aiden and Phoenix who are trying to get seated right beside the china cabinet where you will be opening capsules of glucosamine, shark cartiledge, and cranberry supplement for Phoenix…try and walk down the hall to the food table without running into Phoenix who is twirling his way down the hall in excitement. Go back down the hall and dodge Aiden, while he tries to jump around and tell you it’s his turn to eat! Go to the living room where his food is kept, scoop out a cup and tell him to “stay” a few times…walk over to the kitchen, put some water into the dish and tell him again to “stay”…wait for a minute or so and tell him it’s okay. Go to the food table down the hall and put some fresh water into the bowl, go into the bedroom and proceed to get dressed because you know everyone will need to go out now.

Take Aspen out because she won’t go with any other dog around, she’s a golden you know! Try and convince her to “hurry up” without getting too excited or too frantic, be patient while she twirls here and twirls there and finally after twirling in a fifth spot for about 20 figure eights she finally goes! Get all excited for her when she runs back to you and you put the leash back on…of course she won’t go on leash, that just isn’t golden like! Take her in, grab another leash, put Aiden on one and Phoenix on the other while Cessna waits patiently for her turn. Walk up and down the sidewalk trying to convince Phoenix to actually walk onto the grass so he’ll go relieve himself while at the same time trying to keep Aiden calm and out of Phoenix’s way. Finally it is Cessna’s turn, she is so happy to finally be going out for a pee and you get outside and to the sidewalk and she sniffs here, sniffs there, sniffs here, paces a bit and then decides “I don’t need to go yet.” Tell her firmly to “hurry up” because you know it has been almost 10 hours since she last went, she sniffs here and sniffs there and finally to your relief she goes!!! Take out the bag, try to figure out where she started and where she ended…why do dog guides feel it is necessary to walk while pooping and watch while their blind companion tries to find it so people won’t complain. Take Cessna back inside and run to the computer or couch because you know the puppy crazies are soon going to start.

Check your e-mail, go make some breakfast and a coffee because you know it is going to be a long day…sit down at the coffee table to eat and guess what? Aspen needs to go out again! Of course she couldn’t have done both at the same time, that just wouldn’t be golden like. Put your food up on the counter grab your keys, put on your shoes and coat if needed and head out for another golden relief. Walk back and forth along the sidewalk following Aspen while she decides what spot is good for her to squat, finally after about 5 minutes she decides…this process can take double that in the winter because everyone knows that it is important to smoosh down all the snow before squatting and if it touches you then you need to find another spot to begin the smooshing down again. Get all excited with her because she has gone and come back to go on leash again, take her in and return to the kitchen to retrieve your food. Try and convince Aiden that your breakfast is not his, while attempting to finish your food quickly because you know someone will need your attention soon.

Life just wouldn’t be right if I was able to sit back and relax for more than half an hour at a time, what would I do?

It is now afternoon and time for Aiden to eat his lunch, go into the living room while telling him to “stay” and scoop out some food, dance around him while he moves closer and closer to the kitchen while keeping his bum on the floor, well he is “staying” isn’t he? Dodge Aiden while he runs to his bowl before the others can get there, wait for him to finish because he’ll soon need to go out. Grab your keys, put on your shoes, and head out the door for another trip to the sidewalk, only this time you’re with Aiden so there will be no time wasted! Go back inside, head to the computer because maybe, just maybe you’ll get more than a half hour break. Get up from the computer, make some lunch and grab the remote to watch some TV while you eat. Tell Aiden again that this is not his food and firmly tell him to lie down! The puppy crazies begin once again! It is now time to head out to the conservation area for a long walk/run or you’ll surely go insane. Good thing it isn’t raining today because the dogs really do need to burn off a great deal of energy. Grab all the leashes, poop bags and treats, head out the door and try not to lose one in the process of walking to the back. Finally, you’ve reached the conservation area and you let them all off their leashes and it’s chaos once again! Luckily Huib is there or things just wouldn’t go well because it’s hard keeping track of four dogs in all different directions when you can’t see too well. After about half an hour, Phoenix has had enough of sniffing this flower and that blade of grass so to the younger dogs dismay it is time to go home. Round them all up, put them all on their leashes and convince everyone to follow the leash towards home. Unlock the apartment door, head inside and fill up the water bowl for the third time that day. Once everyone has drank to their capacity it is time for a nap, thank God!!!

About an hour later everyone wakes up and guess what? It’s dinner time and the feeding frenzy begins. Scoop food into this bowl, that bowl, tell this one to “sit”, that one to “stay” and then once everyone is full, fill the water bowl once again. Make dinner, sit down and hope to God that no one disturbs you because you just want to eat in peace and watch some TV. Guess what? That is not going to be the case because the food has begun to digest so it is time for relief once again. Grab your keys, some poop bags and put them all on a leash because this time you want to get it done quickly. Ten minutes later you are back inside and everyone settles in for the evening. Ten o’clock comes and you are exhausted so once again you grab your keys, some poop bags and leashes so you can head out for the last relief of the day. You get undressed, put Aiden into his crate, tell Aspen that Phoenix needs his bed, move Cessna so you can get your legs under the covers and pass out only to be woken up at 6:30am again the following morning.

The life of having dogs, there is no true “my time” there is only “their time”, but of course we love them so continue our days at their leisure.

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