Trip To The Guelph Airport

On Monday Cessna and Aiden accompanied myself and Huib on a Beavers (5-7 year old scouts) trip to Guelph’s airport. Who would have ever thought Guelph would have an airport, I only ever learned of it because my friend’s boyfriend lived near it. The airport is small, only has room for smaller planes. They do mostly training, but do have some people come out and fly their own personal planes.

I sure wish we had brought our camera…maybe next time! The Beavers were so full of energy and excitement, Cessna was just lapping up all this energy…thank goodness I had a halti. We were given a one hour tour of the airport and allowed to check out a 2 seater Cessna and a 4 seater Cessna…yes, I said a Cessna! If we had only remembered our camera…we could have gotten a picture of my little Cessna sitting on the wing of a twin engine Cessna. That would have been SO cute! The woman giving the tour was quite good with the boys and good about explaining the various things they pointed out in interest. There were mostly planes used for training purposes, but there were also some neat vintage planes and some planes owned by Guelph residents. The boys thought the water plane was the coolest, they thought it would be neat to land on the water and cast a fishing line out the window.

During the tour Aiden and Cessna just walked along looking around at all the sites. Cessna was mostly interested in the Canada geese that were flying and landing in a nearby field, but Aiden thought the puddles were tons of fun to walk through…guys we were supposed to be experiencing new things, not enjoying the things we can do almost anywhere! Even though the energy level was high around them Cessna and Aiden did pretty well, not paying too much attention to everyone wanting to pet them. Maybe we’ll see if we can take you guys to another airport where we will actually remember our camera.

We ended the night by heading to Starbucks for a coffee and dessert with a friend. Cessna laid beside my chair watching the peple around her, while Aiden argued with Huib about whether he should be lying down or walking around under the table…in the end Huib won of course, I guess Aiden just got tired so curled up and fell asleep until we were ready to go home.

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