Trip To Elmira

Yesterday Cessna, Aiden and I accompanied a few other foster moms and their puppies to the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival. I’ve never seen so many people in a small area (or what seemed like a small area) before! We had to weave our ways in and out of the crowds that filled the walkways and sidewalks. There were tons of vendors with food and merchandise. Cessna did an amazing guiding job, not walking me into one thing or one person the whole entire day…way to go baby girl! Too bad you weren’t a little taller though because then we might not have gotten momentarily separated from the grou…lol!

The puppies all enjoyed trying to get the various food items that had been dropped, but most were quickly removed by the fast reactions of the seasoned foster moms…thanks guys! Aiden thought it was a good idea to grab a whole napkin and eat it, but it was quickly taken out. Another time he decided to try and eat a pancake, but again it was removed successfully. Poor guy though had the runs last night, not sure what he got without all of us knowing, but he seems to be feeling better this morning…sorry monkey man for not allowing you to eat breakfast, but it’s for your own good! Did you know you can give a dog canned pumpkin when they have the runs? I didn’t, but my husband did some research on what to do with a 3 month old puppy who has the runs and learned about this interesting trick. We have opted for the fasting for 12 hours, but at least we know for another episode. When Aspen was a puppy, about Aiden’s age, she ate a corn starch bone by nyla and threw up for hours. We ended up having to take her to the vet for an afternoon of intravenous fluids, so no more corn starch bones for any of our dogs! After that day with Aspen we worry about something similar happening, but thankfully there is the internet to look up ideas for what to do.

The trip was quite exhausting for all of the puppies, including Cessna. They saw dogs of all types, people of all sorts, and even horses…Boomer, it is not necessary to bark at them, they were just giving the little kids rides you silly boy! All of us were stopped after every step we took to have people pet the puppies and ask about what they will do in the future and what our purpose was as a foster mom. I don’t think we even made it all the way through the entire place in the 4 hours we were there. Poor Cessna had to sit and watch while the puppies were all given tons of attention and treats, but she was a good sport about it. I think it must have been neat for the people walking by us to see coats of all colours and a working dog too. In our group we had: Foxy in purple (a foster for National Service Dogs), Varsity in green (a foster for Lions Foundation of Canada), Cessna in her harness, and Boomer and Aiden in their red coats (Autism Dog Services fosters). We also got a chance to meet up with 2 other NSD pups, Comet and Bo (I think), they were so well behaved. Maybe they will be able to come out on one of our future puppy adventures.

After we had all tired ourselves out we started the long trek back to the wagon to be taken to our cars. The puppies and Cessna were so exhausted that they just laid by our feet hoping no one would come near to bother them. On the car ride home Foxy and Aiden passed out and Cessna just laid in the back watching the world go by. At home Cessna and Aiden ate dinner and then crashed and never made a sound until later that night.

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