Down…? Down how? Down who? Where’s down? What’s down? Just give me that darn cookie wil you! Aww….the wonders of teaching a puppy new commands…

So I decided that Aiden should now learn the meaning of down. He’s got most of the other basic commands, like “sit””, “come”, “quiet”, “no”, and “stay” mind you only for a few seconds, but he’s only 12 weeks right? Well our lesson began with me getting him to sit and then tapping the floor while saying “Aiden down” and him looking at me as if to ask “what are you doing?” So I say it a few more times and he actually goes down! I tell him to stay and then reach for a treat as he jumps up in excitement…what do I do now? So…I proceed to do the same thing, this time holding the treat in my closed hand, tappling the floor in front of him and saying “Aiden down” He looks at me, looks at the hand with the treat and begins to nose my hand, ignoring the fact that I want him to do something for it. After a moment of saying “Aiden down” I decide that maybe it’s a good idea to show him what I want and proceed to take his front paws and placing him into a down…he rolls over! Okay…so what now? I give him a treat because, well he did do something that sort of resembled what I wanted and then I proceed to try the whole process again. Aiden just continues to look up at me with this expression of “why don’t you just give me that darn cookie and we’ll all be fine because I have no freaking clue what, how or who down is!”

Meanwhile, my other three dogs are doing everything I am saying in the hopes that maybe Aiden might get the clue…and saying to themselves “why isn’t she paying any attention to the fact that we’re doing what she wants?”


  1. I really like your blog! I hope it is ok that I link to it in my puppy raising blog. I am a puppy raiser for GDB and love hearing about the lives of guide dog handlers. Your puppy Aiden is sooo adorable!!

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